Our Sister Cities

  • LICHTENFELS, GERMANY is a small city situated on the Upper Main River in the Oberfranken region of Bavaria. A very picturesque town with remnants of the medieval village that has existed since the 1100's, today Lichtenfels is a bustling modern city mixing the old and the new. Basket making was the historic trade in the Upper Main Valley and today Lichtenfels is widely known as the Basket Capital of Germany. Each year in September the Korb (basket) Fest draws over 200,000 people. As in all German cities, Lichtenfels has a Burgermeister/Council form of government and is the core city for numerous small villages in the surrounding countryside. The people are extraordinarily friendly and wonderful hosts when Vandalians go to visit.
  • PRESTWICK, SCOTLAND is a small city located in Ayrshire, Scotland on the Firth of Clyde. Although situated by the sea, Prestwick’s primary industry during the Twentieth Century has been associated with aviation. Jetstream Aircraft has been a mainstay of Prestwick’s economy since 1935. Robert Burns, Scotland's renowned poet, was born in the village of Alloway just down the road from Prestwick. Scotland has more golf courses per capita than any other country. Prestwick itself maintains three, including the world famous Golf Club where the first Open Golf Championship was played in 1860. Prestwick is Scotland's oldest Baronial Burgh and the Scottish King Robert the Bruce is said to have found relief from his ailments here in the early 1100's by drinking water from "Bruce's Well". Since 1973 Prestwick has been governed by the Larger Council or Kyle and Carrick, a provost/council form of government. Vandalia is very pleased to be associated with Prestwick and is looking forward to a long and satisfying relationship with our new Scottish friends