About Sister Cities of Vandalia

SISTER CITIES OF VANDALIA is a non-profit international organization dedicated to fostering global friendship, understanding, and communication, serving the Vandalia Butler Community in southwestern Ohio, USA. Sister Cities of Vandalia is a component of Sister Cities International begun by President Dwight D. Eisenhower as the "People to People" program. Today over 900 U.S. cities are paired with more than 1300 cities in 92 countries  worldwide. Vandalia joined Sister Cities in 1975 when it signed Lichtenfels, Germany as its first Sister. After a tentative first visit by Lichtenfels' Fanfarenzug Band to our Bi-centennial Parade in 1976, the relationship evolved into a biennial exchange that becomes stronger with each visit.

In 1993 Vandalia signed as its second Sister City, Prestwick Scotland. An unusual factor in this new relationship is that Prestwick was already paired as a Sister City with Lichtenfels. By signing the partnership agreement with Vandalia, the three cities have created a unique triangular arrangement within Sister Cities International.

Sister Cities is an exciting way for local citizens to expand their cultural, civic and educational horizons. With more than 250 members, Sister Cities of Vandalia is comprised of citizens from all walks of life, cutting across religious, economic and political lines within the Vandalia-Butler community. Sister Cities brings people here at home closer together, as well as opening a window on the world.

Sister Cities of Vandalia, while sanctioned by the City of Vandalia, is wholly funded by the Vandalia Oktoberfest falls on the first weekend after Labor Day each year. 

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